Monday, November 24, 2014

So much to be thankful for

Some thoughts on gratitude for the fall semester.

Pictured above is a group photo from our third Annual Veterans Day Dinner.  Quinnipiac University has benefited from the addition of veterans to our student body.  As Executive Vice President and Provost, Mark Thompson, stated in his remarks before dinner, the first annual dinner was attended by approximately 20 veterans, faculty and staff who support our student veterans.  This year's attendees numbered over 100.  We continue to grow in the number of student veterans who find their home here at Quinnipiac University.

Our Admissions Fall Open Houses were busy and well-attended.  We were very happy to welcome so many students and parents who are considering Quinnipiac as a college destination.  Thanks to all the faculty, students and staff who assist us in these events.

The freshman class, our newest group of QU Bobcats, has almost made it through their first semester.  From all accounts, this group of freshmen are involved, active and engaged.  As an instructor for the QU 101 seminar class, it has been a distinct pleasure for me to spend three hours a week with twenty four freshmen.  They are intelligent, curious and lots of fun to be around.  Our discussions revolve around not only relevant issues but also their struggles as first year college students.  I learn as much from them as they do from me.

All of our admissions counselors have returned from their travels safe and sound to begin the process of reading the many applications that arrive daily.  In the admissions world it is good to be busy!

The Admissions office wishes all members of the Quinnipiac family a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving holiday.

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Individual and the Community at Quinnipiac

Photo Courtesy of Leean Spaulding

One of the most rewarding experiences that I have the pleasure of participating in each fall is teaching a section of our freshman experience, QU 101 the Individual in the Community.  This year our campus food service Chartwells asked the instructors of the QU seminar series to join them for an evening of conversation and dining.  The purpose of the event was for the students to get to know the Chartwells staff and have an opportunity to express their feelings on the dining services here at Quinnipiac.
Margaux Mahoney and Hannah Blockis, pictured above, are two members of my class who dined on pasta, chicken, asparagus and tiramisu served buffet style.  The meal was very well received and, although the students were initially reluctant to offer their opinions, they did share some of the their concerns and wishes with Leann Spalding, Joe Tobin and Chef Kevin who are the folks who keep things running smoothly for over 6,000 undergraduates on the Mt. Carmel campus. 
This event demonstrates what makes the Quinnipiac community so special.  The students loved the food that they were served, they had an opportunity to sit with their classmates and enjoy each other's company and learned a bit more about how things really operate behind the scenes in our dining services.  Chartwells was able to get some feedback from our newest Bobcats and let them know that there are ways to have their voices heard.
This type of connection to the community is part of what makes our campus such a special place.  The faculty, staff and students all work together to make Quinnipiac a living and learning community. 

We were recently named one of the top fifty most beautiful campuses to visit in the fall. Come see us and get a last look at the foliage at our Open House this Saturday, November 15.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Open House Fall 2014

Photo courtesy of Quinnipiac Facebook

We have had a spectacular start to the semester here at Quinnipiac.  Freshman move-in went more smoothly than ever thanks to the efforts of Residential Life and the Move In Crew.  I have begun to get to know my QU 101 class and they are an engaged, lively group of students.

The sunshine has been our best friend, highlighting the beauty of the Mt. Carmel campus and we are ready to receive visitors for our first Open House event of the season this Saturday, September 20.

The biggest news for our undergraduate campus is that the School of Law has relocated to our North Haven campus.   This allowed the School of Communications and the Engineering program to spread out and take advantage of this building and enhance the academic experiences for students in those programs.  The School of Law Center has benefited from the proximity to our graduate programs and there are plans to collaborate with our medical school and other graduate programs in the health sciences. 

The Engineering program has expanded to the lower level of the Center for Communications and Engineering. The Associate Dean of Engineering, Justin Kile, explained the renovations this way to a non-engineer, "we are adding many large pieces of equipment such as a flume and hands-on equipment that goes boom." They expect those "things that go boom" will all be in place for the spring semester.  The engineering active classroom and computer-assisted lab in Tator Hall will still house the manufacturing equipment that our first year students use to create their projects.

School of  Communications faculty and staff have moved to the new facility, where additional classrooms, including a new multimedia computer classroom, and open media labs, are already being utilized by students.  The Ed McMahon Mass Communications Center, located in the Lender School of Business Center, will remain in its original location for now.  The School of Communications is investing in new technology and curriculum updates to keep pace with the rapidly changing field of communications.

So, come for a visit this fall and see the many changes and exciting innovations that Quinnipiac has to offer.  We can't wait to meet this year's high school students.