Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Open House Fall 2014

Photo courtesy of Quinnipiac Facebook

We have had a spectacular start to the semester here at Quinnipiac.  Freshman move-in went more smoothly than ever thanks to the efforts of Residential Life and the Move In Crew.  I have begun to get to know my QU 101 class and they are an engaged, lively group of students.

The sunshine has been our best friend, highlighting the beauty of the Mt. Carmel campus and we are ready to receive visitors for our first Open House event of the season this Saturday, September 20.

The biggest news for our undergraduate campus is that the School of Law has relocated to our North Haven campus.   This allowed the School of Communications and the Engineering program to spread out and take advantage of this building and enhance the academic experiences for students in those programs.  The School of Law Center has benefited from the proximity to our graduate programs and there are plans to collaborate with our medical school and other graduate programs in the health sciences. 

The Engineering program has expanded to the lower level of the Center for Communications and Engineering. The Associate Dean of Engineering, Justin Kile, explained the renovations this way to a non-engineer, "we are adding many large pieces of equipment such as a flume and hands-on equipment that goes boom." They expect those "things that go boom" will all be in place for the spring semester.  The engineering active classroom and computer-assisted lab in Tator Hall will still house the manufacturing equipment that our first year students use to create their projects.

School of  Communications faculty and staff have moved to the new facility, where additional classrooms, including a new multimedia computer classroom, and open media labs, are already being utilized by students.  The Ed McMahon Mass Communications Center, located in the Lender School of Business Center, will remain in its original location for now.  The School of Communications is investing in new technology and curriculum updates to keep pace with the rapidly changing field of communications.

So, come for a visit this fall and see the many changes and exciting innovations that Quinnipiac has to offer.  We can't wait to meet this year's high school students. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Connections between College majors and employment


It's been great to see all of the visitors to our admissions office this week.  Many families are hustling to fit in their college visits before senior year gets underway.

As the costs of college becomes one of the primary concerns of students and parents, the "return on investment" has become an commonly used term in the admissions process.

 A recent article from Inside Higher Ed, reports on a new feature added to the career connection site LinkedIn.  It is called a "field of study explorer".  The article also mentions other resources such as Burning Glass, and College Measures who offer analytics on employment and college majors. Of course, no on line tool can substitute for a school visit and discussion with a career services dean, but this is an interesting addition to explore for students during the college search process.

Career Services Dean Jill Ferrall explains how she works with this tool as part of advising for Quinnipiac students. 

"LinkedIn is one of my favorite go to sites for connecting students with alumni and for getting a sense for where graduates landed in a particular position, industry, location, etc. based on their major. 
 My recommendation is to log onto  and do an advanced people search.  Put in Quinnipiac as the school and put in the location and major of interest and see where that takes you.  It’s interesting to see where people started out, where they interned and where their careers went from there! "

It is important to gain knowledge about the potential employment picture before choosing a college major.  But it is also important to keep in mind that even Political Science majors like myself as well as many other liberal arts majors have been able to utilize the skill sets that they develop as a part of their education to create a rewarding career.

Quinnipiac's combination of arts and sciences and foundational major coursework fully prepares our students to be successful in whatever career path they choose.

We look forward to seeing everyone this fall at our Open Houses and Information sessions

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Meet the front line of the Financial Aid Office

For many parents and students, the first voice that they hear when they call our Financial Aid office belongs to Tim O'Sullivan pictured above.  Tim's official title is Financial Aid Assistant.  But that job title only scratches the surface of what Tim does on a daily basis.  Tim's patient and friendly manner puts families at ease.  Tim  has a wealth of knowledge regarding the financial aid application process and can direct students and families to the appropriate resources.

Tim joined Quinnipiac in 2012.  Prior to coming to Quinnipiac he was employed at Long Island University in the Development and Alumni office.  Tim graduated from LIU with a bachelor's degree in Business Finance. 

Tim was used to a busy office in his prior job, and this experience has served him well in his position here in our Financial Aid office.

Tim offered these words of advice to parents and students who are preparing to apply to college this fall.  "Start Early. The CSS profile is available on October 1.  The FAFSA is available on January 1.  The most common issue that we see is that documents have not been filed or we are missing information  Students and families can begin to ask questions even before applying."

Tim says that many families find themselves scrambling and if they delay taking action then they will be calling our office with questions during a high volume call period which is traditionally the month of July.

Our financial aid representatives will be available during all of our Open Houses this fall.  Tim also suggested that families visit the financial aid web page.  The site provides information on Quinnipiac's financial aid process as well as outside resources with valuable information on financing a college education.

Quinnipiac's Financial Aid office is an important partner in the admission's process.  We are grateful for professionals like Tim who provide great service to students and their families.